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WELCOME to Delta Performance.
The regions premier remapping service

Remaps Only £265*

Covering Based in Northampton and Bexleyheath we offer mobile services covering most of England and Wales

Are you looking to improve the performance and economy of your vehicle, with a remap from Delta Performance You can improve performance of your vehicle by up to 35% as well as improving the MPG by around 10% to 15% and on some vehicles up to 20% can be achieved, depending on driving style. This is a significant saving on your fuel bills, and you could soon pay back to cost of the map.
With over 11,500 vehicles remapped, your car, van or motorhome could not be in better hands

We truly believe that we offer the best remapping service around for your car, van or motorhome. If you are not happy for any reason within 7 days we will return your vehicle to stock and refund you.

*Some vehicles, high performance, Supercars etc may cost more. If this is the case we will confirm price when booking.

We operate a fully mobile service for Remaps, , Operating from Bexleyheath and Northampton as well as having dealers nationwide so we can provide a nationwide mobile service.

There is no other modification that you can make, that will improve the way your engine performs that’s more cost effective than an ECU remap, and here at Delta Performance, we consider ourselves one of the best at remapping

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Why Us?

  • Over 11,500 vehicles remapped
  • Fully Mobile Nationwide service
  • 19 years industry experience
  • Qualified
  • Insured

We Provide

  • More BHP
  • More Torque
  • Better Economy
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Better Throttle Response

Car Remaps

Car Remaps

Quality Remaps
Whether you have a diesel or petrol, turbo-charged, supercharged or normally aspirated, we can provide a custom remap to improve the performance of your vehicle, our custom remaps will produce the perfect balance of more power, a smoother torque curve, better throttle response and a smoother, more progressive power delivery, all whilst keeping with the safe working limits of the car.

Van Remaps

Van Remaps

Van Remaps: More BHP & Torque
Whether you are looking for more performance, torque or fuel economy for your Van we can help. We have remapped over 1500 vans from small vans to large vans as well as pick up trucks.
Many vans have different power outputs however they share identical engines making them perfect for remapping

Motothome Remaps

Motorhome Remaps

Motorhome Remaps
Tired of struggling up the hills? Want more MPG?
Many motorhomes are based on Van chassis however the extra weight of a conversion can make them cumbersome to drive.
Motorhomes are great to remap, the extra torque makes driving them even more of a pleasure.

Proven Results

All our remaps are dyno developed and proven to increase power, torque and economy of your vehicle

Latest Technology

We use the lastest tools and software to remap vehicles. Fully insured and using only genuine tools and software you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Fuel Savings

With rising fuel costs saving money is important to a growing number of people. Our economy maps can save up to 20% of your fuel costs.

Top Performance

Remap your vehicle for up to 35% more power. A remap will give you BHP & Torque gains as well as better throttle response and smoother power delivery across the rev range

Recent Vehicle Remaps

Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been Remapped.

Jaguar XJL 3.0D Remap
BHP: + 50BHP
Torque: + 80Nm
Jaguar XFS 3.0D Remap
BHP: + 50BHP
Torque: + 80Nm
Range Rover Evoque TD4 Remap
BHP: + 33BHP
Torque: + 60Nm
Mercedes Vito 113 Remap
BHP: + 56BHP
Torque: + 130Nm
Mercedes SLK 250cdi Remap
BHP: + 39BHP
Torque: + 50Nm



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