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BMW 320D Remap

news • 15th May, 20 •


Slightly older now but the e91 is the estate ( touring) version of the E90 BMW. This 2006 was automatic with 163Bhp 350Nm stock. The Bosch EDC16 ecu tuned via the OBD port for great…



Mercedes Sprinter 313 Remap

news • 14th May, 20 •


Next time you are out for a drive try counting the number of Mercedes Sprinters that are on the road, There are thousands of them, Undoubtebly the most popular van in its class and fitted…



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Recent Remaps

Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD Remap

• 19th May, 2020 •

We are very well known for remapping Jaguars but we also have amazing software upgrades for many other cars including Jeeps. This 2.8 CRD Jeep Cherokee comes with just 161Bhp 410Nm stock and is more…



Jaguar XE 2.0T Remap

• 19th May, 2020 •

The XE replacement for the x-type is a huge step up in class. I dont think we will be buying these as cheaply as an x-type in a few years. very well appointed and a…



Jaguar XF 3.0D S Remap

• 16th May, 2020 •

A 21012 XF 3.0D S remapped, This is the S version with 275P.S 271Bhp standard and 600Nm of torque, We have to remove the ECU to remap but do not need to open anymore just…



Jaguar XF 2.7D Remap

• 16th May, 2020 •

When the Jaguar XF first came out its only diesel option was teh v6 2.7 litre version with 207Bhp and 435Nm of torque, not terrible by any means but a lot less than its 3.0…



Mercedes w222 s350cdI Remap

• 15th May, 2020 •

One of the finest cars made the S class is Mercedes Full size luxury car and it really does feel it. The diesel engine is a popular choice that give decent performance and good fuel economy.…



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