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DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

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DPF Blocked?

We can help with on or off car DPF cleaning

DPF Specialists

We have the machinery and knowledge to resolve your DPF problems in a timely and cost effective manner.

We provide a professional DPF unblocking / cleaning service for cars, commercial vehicles, plant and equipment for industrial applications , we also provide a remove / unblock / fit service. Feel free to call us for a quote on 0330 111 4282 or pop by for chat.

DPF Problems?
DPF's themselves rarely fail, however they do get blocked for many reasons.
Soot: The DPF collects the diesel particulate matter and when it is full, determined by pressure sensors, it regenerates and burns of the soot leaving an ash residue behind.
If you DPF is too full of soot it will not regenerate. This is normally caused by another fault or driving type (Short journeys)
In this case we can diagnose the fault and clean the DPF on the vehicle to a level where it will regenerate natuarally.

Ash: as the DPF regenerates and leaves the ash residue behind the working area of the DPF is reduced. This is common on high mileage vehicles.
In this case the DPF needs to be removed and cleaned to remove all the ash in the DPF.
We have the equipment to do this and can restore the DPF to within 98% of new capacity.
We can remove the DPF for you or you can arrange to have it removed and bring the DPF to us.

For 99% of cases we offer a same day service.

DPF Removal | DPF Delete | Legal Situation

February 2014 new legislation made DPF removal illegal for vehicles used on the public highways, government guidelines set out in 2014 specify that all vehicles that have been previously fitted with a DPF should not have the device removed or bypassed.

Today DPF delete or removal is for off-road use only.

DPF Removal | MOT

The absence of a DPF on a vehicle originally fitted with one is an automatic MOT failure.

During an MOT, your vehicle will be visually inspected for the presence of a DPF, should the examiner noticed that the DPF is missing or has been bypassed they are required to fail the vehicle in question.

If your vehicle will be used off-road only, or if it is intended to be exported, DPF removal or a DPF Delete is a viable possibility.

DPF Removal Benefits

  • Improve vehicle performance, power and fuel economy.
  • Eliminate the need for an expensive DPF replacement.

To make a booking or to get a quote you call us on 0330 111 4282

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Mini Countryman Cooper D Remap

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The 2.0d Countryman comes with a meagre 113Bhp 270Nm stock but the BMW sourced engine is capable of so much more. We tuned this one via a pin out on the ecu for security as…



Jaguar XF 3.0D S Remap

• 16th Jul, 2019 •

Another Jaguar XF in for remapping. The 3.0 diesel S which comes with 275Bhp 600Nm standard now the cat is really purring with 325Bhp 680Nm



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