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Lost or faulty keys? Can't start car?

We can help with out immobiliser delete service

Most vehicles are fitted with an Immobiliser, a security feature designed to prevent vehicles being stolen, however when faulty can sometimes prevent a vehicle from starting.

In this case you wouldo see a Yellow Key symbol or other immobiliser related symbol on your dashboard.

When this happens any of the following could happen;

  • Engine turns over but doesn't start
  • Engine starts but cuts out almost immediately
  • Engine doesnt turn over at all

An immobiliser fault can occur for several reasons:

  • The immobiliser coding is at fault
  • You may have replaced a part in the car which has different immobiliser data on it, such as an Instrument cluster.
  • You may have lost your key and the new key you have had cut has not been programmed correctly.
  • The battery in your car key may have been replaced losing all the old key information.
  • You may have had has an electrical surge in the car which could have blown a component in the ECU
  • You may be doing an engine conversion

When any of the above happen often the most cost effective way of getting your car back on the road again is to have the Immobiliser option removed from the ECU, potentially saving a large bill from a dealer.

For the majority of vehicles we can provide this service by recoding your ECU for you to ensure the Immobiliser has been removed.

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